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Varybright Controller
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Very simple to use and install

The Varybright system is a flexible control box for all garden lighting and power needs. By enabling a garden to be separated into several different zones, all controllable from one handy remote control, it is easy to bring a garden to life at any time of year or for any occasion.

Remote Control

Every Varybright unit comes with a touch panel remote control that works on all channels independently, including the dimming function, and has an all on/off button.

All On/All Off

The touch panel remote offers 5 buttons, One for each Channel independently and One “All On/All Off” button.


By simply pressing and releasing a button for less than 2 seconds, the associated channel can be turned on or off.


By pressing and holding the button for more than 2 seconds, the associated channel can be altered through its intensity from 1% to 100%.


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A few reasons
you’ll love VaryBright

With a VaryBright Controller you have the flexibility to adjust your garden lighting to suit any mood or occasion.
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Compatible with almost any type and make of garden light on the market including Halogen, LED, Fluorescent, High pressure sodium, Metal halide, and Incandescent.

Can be used to power pond pumps, fountains, mains powered Christmas lights etc, giving complete control of any gardens needs from one easy to use remote control

Incorporates built-in 1-10Vdc analogue outputs for use with fluorescent lighting dimmer systems. This means that you are free to choose what ever you like from any manufacturer to suit your requirements.

And a few more…

100m wireless wall mount transmitter

4 independent dimmable channels

IP44 water tight plastic enclosure

Suitable for both Mains powered and Low Voltage systems

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“Incredible product! All my friends are jealous. Thank you Newport Controls.” – Lauren.


“Great item, very well made, very pleased, everything perfect. A+ seller .” – Nick.


Excellent, good quality products for not too much expenseVery impressed with the service received.” – Charlotte.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions


Most Commonly Asked Questions


VaryBright User Manual


VaryBright User Manual


VaryBright Datasheet


VaryBright Datasheet